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Looking Forward Consulting is a full-service organizational development training provider  specializing in training solutions that optimize workforce performance and solve business problems.
Learning is our passion. We enable our clients’ success through innovative design, state-of-the-art instructional technologies, and passionate delivery.
Looking forward Leadership Development Consultant
Looking Froward Consulting Leadership Development consultant

Superpower #1

We simplify complicated topics

A recent client partnered with Looking Forward Consulting to develop a series of technical training modules outlining their supply chain and procurement processes. After the first round of development was implemented, the client said “We should have done this years ago. You helped us simplify very complex topics and make them understandable and applicable for everyone.” 

Superpower #2

We drive results

A recent client asked us to build sales skills in all of their 3,000+ sales professionals. The client completed an ROI study using an independent agency and found that the program netted over 460% rate of return to the organization. Boom!
Looking Forward Consulting organizational development consultant

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We Solve Real Problems

How Do We Do It?

Leadership Development - Done for You

Progressive organizations realize the value of constantly coaching and improving leaders, elevating impact and the organizational experience.

What if you could develop your employees to be exceptional leaders in just 30 minutes per week? What if you could have dedicated executive coaches willing to support them in every step of their leadership development journey? What if you could develop your leaders for one low monthly cost per employee and automate the entire development process? 

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World Class Facilitators

Learning should be fun, challenging, insightful, relevant, engaging, collaborative and facilitated by subject matter experts. Looking Forward Consulting has decades of experience leading teams in the training room and beyond. We have facilitated sessions for C-level teams of Fortune 500 organizations and front-line workers. Our facilitators have extensive experience and advanced degrees, but we do not let that get in the way of connecting personally with each of our participants. Our experience ensures credibility, but our relationships create lasting change.

Dynamic Instructional Design

Learning is much more than slapping a few slides together. It is a process where we consider learning strategies, change management approaches, and the most important content and merge it with the latest technologically sound approaches to change minds, hearts, behaviors, and habits.

Using a strong foundation of adult learning theory, we have developed training on almost anything imaginable. From leadership development to technical research and analysis, we have partnered with some of the best and brightest subject matter experts to create world class learning solutions. LFC superhero instructional design drives behavioral changes & helps your team win more.

Powerful Executive Coaching

Our philosophy is that the learning journey does not start and end in the classroom. Many of our recommended client solutions involve learning outside of the classroom. Through the effective use of one-on-one and group coaching methodologies, we directly impact the quality of our learning engagements.

Organizational Development Done Right

We specialize in helping our clients grow a culture of excellence and elevate their team performance to drive sustainable greatness. To compete with the best and become the greatest, exceptional organizations understand the urgency relative to continuous improvement. LFC partners are guided down the path of success through organizational development, ethically and professionally. If you’re not getting better, you’re falling behind the competition. 

Gamification that Gets Results

No more boring presentations! Looking Forward Consulting designs learning experiences to hold attention and increase participant involvement.  We use smartphone polling systems, BUZZ interactive learning system, and a wide variety of games designed to be played on any smartphone, tablet or computer. We utilize games that push the limits of fun and reinforce our learning concepts.

Gamification just works. Period.

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User Friendly Learning Management System

We have a cutting edge learning management system that can deploy and track in-person training sessions, eLearning modules, coaching sessions, task based instructions, and more. We can implement custom insight reports that provide assessments with feedback that compares perspectives from the participants while gathering feedback from their peers.

Training Pipeline is the perfect cloud-based solution for tracking the many learning opportunities across your organization.

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